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The Online Pet Store

The Online Pet Store is as (as the name suggests) a shop selling pet supplies on the web. We sell everything imaginable for your pets, from dog food and dog beds, through to rabbit hutches and rabbit food. We cater for almost any type of pet including dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, chickens and reptiles. With thousands of products to choose from, we're bound to have the product to accommodate your pets needs.

The Online Pet Store was founded in 2008, and has grown from strength to strength each year, with the product catalogue ever growing. Since start-up, we've served over 10,000 customers with orders for pet products.

Bird Cages

Bird cages, such as parrot cages, budgie cages, macaw cages and African Grey cages can all be found here within our bird supplies section. We have bird cages made from all different types of material, whether it be wire, plastic, or wooden, we have a vast range that you can choose from. At present we stock and sell over 150 different bird cages! We are sure we have a cage for every type of pet bird, including finches, lovebirds, canaries, parakeets, cockatiels and of course parrots.

We also sell a wide range of bird cage accessories online here too, such as bird perches, bird toys and bird cage covers. Finding the right bird cage for your pet is essential. Be sure to order the most suitable cage for your bird. Make sure you take into consideration the size of the bird cage, as well as the bar spacing. The cage will act as a secure, safe and comfortable home for your pet bird.

Chicken Coops

Chicken coops are vital for those of us with a flock of egg-producing friends! Not only do they keep your chickens from digging up those precious potted plants, but they keep them safe. Unable to wander off into the woods, safe from foxes, and keeping their flock together in one place, a good chicken run is a solid investment. Without it you will end up looking far and wide for those illusive eggs, and will worry about their protection from predators. By choosing a product with a built-in wire-meshed chicken run you can have this added protection from predators.

The Online Pet Store?s range of coops comes in an amazing array of shapes, sizes and designs; all made to be solid and weather resistant. Come rain or shine, your hens will have a place to scratch, to wander, to find shade and to have a dust bath! If you prefer to leave your chickens to their own business without a run then have a look at our various hen houses. All made out of solid wood, they are naturally warm and secure and look perfect tucked away in your garden. If you feel you could do with some extra information regarding the large variety of chicken coops we have, then feel free to peruse our pet buying guides section.

Dog Beds

Dog Beds are an essential purchase if you've recently acquired yourself a new canine pet friend! A dog bed will be your pets new habitat that he sleeps and in lazes the days away in. With over 100 different dog beds to choose from here at The Online Pet Store, your bound to find a dog bed that is ideal for your new pet. We have a range of dog beds to suit every budget.

Our dog beds start from as little as £8 including delivery!! Or if money is no object, then why not look at 1 of our luxury dog beds. We sell all of the UK's leading dog bed brands. From Danish Design dog beds, to Wallace and Jones dog beds. As with all of our products, each dog bed is priced including free delivery to all of mainland UK. Most of our dog beds are available on an express delivery, often arriving the very next day. If you need a dog bed urgently, please don't hesitate to contact us in advance before ordering.

If your looking for more than 1 dog bed, why not look at 1 of our dog bed nests. They are dog beds all bundled together as a nest, offering great value for money rewarding you for buying the beds in bulk. Our dog beds are available too in a range of shapes. Choose from oval dog beds, rectangular dog beds, square dog beds and new to our range, raised dog beds. Like we say, due to the range of styles and sizes available, we are sure to have the dog bed your after within our large range of pet supplies. If your still unsure about exactly which dog bed you should buy, be sure to read through our dog beds buying guide, which will talk you through the whole process in detail.

Dog Kennels

Every family pooch deserves his or her own dog kennel! With a huge range in stock you can be sure to find that perfect dog kennel no matter how demanding the dog! Giving them their own space allows your family space to be kept cleaner and more hygienic. No matter the shape or size, whether it?s an Irish Wolfhound or a Chihuahua, we have the selection to keep your dog content.

Keeping the family pet warm and comfortable is our priority and on top of our selection of dog kennels, we offer various accessories to guarantee your dog a good night?s sleep! From kennel padding and leather lining to mattresses and heating lamps. We have it all covered. When choosing your kennel and accessories bear in mind the climate you live in, and the breed of dog.

Many dogs are bred for cold climates and will not require much extra insulation, others will need the full treatment to keep them snug throughout the year. And for those snow-loving dogs, bred for the Winter, we even have a range of Igloo-kennels! Have a look at our dog kennel buying guide for some more helpful information.

Here at The Online Pet Store, on top of our range of kennels, we also offer many sizes of dog runs. Ideal for keeping them confined to a safe and adequate area of your garden, dog runs give them plenty of space to play and stretch their legs in between walks, but leave you safe in the knowledge that they will come to no harm. To ensure their safety when travelling, make sure you consider a travel cage. Essential when taking your beloved pet to and from the vet, a good travel cage is a necessity

Pet Supplies

Here at The Online Pet Store we strive to cater for every pet owner's individual needs. Every pet no matter how big or small becomes an extension of the family and we take that into consideration when adding products to our catalogue. We only offer the highest quality and most user-friendly pet products, ensuring your animals are treated with the utmost care. Our categories cover a wide range of animals; bird supplies, cat supplies, dog supplies, fish supplies, invertebrate supplies, and rabbit supplies

Our range of pet products is growing on a daily basis, and we aim to become the UK's number 1 for pet supplies! At present we have over 2500 different variations of pet supplies available to order online.

If you are planning on getting a new family pet in the near future and need everything ASAP, or if you are just casually shopping for a new collar for your dog; we will get your delivery processed quickly and efficiently and offer free delivery to mainland UK on all orders!

If you are unsure about what you need, or require further information on a particular category then please have a look at our pet buying guide section where you will find plenty of useful information relating to all of our main products. If you still find yourself uncertain about something or unsure about a particular product then just get in touch! Ask us a question and we will aim to get back to you as quickly as we can.

We hope to continue to add great new products to all of these categories, and offer a 14-day money back guarantee as well as our price promise. If you find any product cheaper elsewhere online, call us and we'll beat it! (Subject to terms and conditions)

Rabbit Hutches

Rabbit hutches come in all different shapes and sizes. It can be a bit daunting to begin with when choosing which rabbit hutch to purchase! The amount of rabbits that you have, and wish to place in the hutch will help dictate what size you should go for. For example, if you have 3 rabbits, then you should order a double hutch as a minimum size. A double rabbit hutch is essentially 2 single hutches stacked one on top of the other, but with a runway inside for the rabbits to crawl up and down.

Many of our rabbit hutches have excercise runs attached to them, which allow your pet rabbit to run around in a big open space, which still being in the safety and security of their rabbit hutch compound. Be sure to look at ordering a rabbit hutch cover with your new rabbit hutch too! This will help keep the hutch looking pristeen during winter months through frost or even snow. Rabbit hutch covers are certainly a worthwhile investment for the small price of them.